Picket Fences – The Book

Picket Fences – The Book

From the back cover of my book which is now available on Amazon:

Picket Fences is a collection of personal stories compiled by author Marlene Oxender, who shares her thoughts about the memorabilia she discovered while sorting through her parents’ estate.

Marlene and her ten siblings grew up in a small town in rural Ohio. Her parents purchased their family home in 1947 and lived there for over seventy years. Growing up in a house in the adjoining back yard were nine of her forty-four first cousins.

It was a time when families spent Sundays together. There were sleepovers. Barns to play in and farms to explore. Ponds to fish in. Games to play.

To this day, her family remains close and shares the special bond that cousins often do.

Marlene’s mother, Ruth, wrote human interest stories for their hometown newspaper. Ruth always had a story to write, for those in her community provided lots of interesting material.

When Marlene began sorting through her mother’s boxes of newspaper clippings, she also discovered decades-old greeting cards, letters, grade cards, scrapbooks, and never-before-seen photos from their childhood.

The family came to refer to their mother’s saved cardboard boxes as “time capsules.”

Picket Fences is the first volume in a series of books about life in rural America and having grown up in an area best known for its close-knit families and small-town charm.

Now available on Amazon as well as a few local stores.

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