A week before Christmas in the year 1924, an employee of a Waterloo, Indiana chiropractic office sent a Christmas card to my grandfather.

And 95 years later, I found that card in its original envelope in safe-keeping with my mother’s collection of saved stuff. Thanks – Mom – once again for the laugh. I really needed a 95 year old greeting card from my grandfather’s chiropractor.

Really. I needed to see it. Because it was a reminder. Chiropractors have been around for a long time. 

The little card made me think. The medical model as we know it took hold in the early 1900s. And Grandpa’s card was from the roaring 20s – a decade to be experienced once again – in a new century.

The envelope that holds Grandpa’s card simply reads “Albert Imm. Butler, Ind.” No address. No zip code. I learned there was no postal delivery back then, so Grandpa picked his mail up at the post office.

The card was printed in very small, formal font, and the message reads “Wishing you a most enjoyable Christmas and all good wishes for your health and happiness in the coming year. Fuller and Fuller Chiropractors. Waterloo, Indiana.” 

My daughter worked for a chiropractor soon after she graduated from college, and she told me stories about recoveries. The stories were fascinating, and I began to recognize the healing art of chiropractic care.

I was a registered nurse, yet I didn’t know anything about vertebral subluxations. Now I know it’s kind of an important thing. My mother was 87 years old when she experienced a flare-up of sciatic pain. Since Mom and I were both in favor of going the natural route, I was at her house in the morning calling chiropractor’s offices – looking for one who could see her that same day. Since the first visit to any doctor’s office takes a bit more time, it was the third chiropractor who had an opening that afternoon.

My mother soon found out she was able to manage her chronic physical complaints through seeing her chiropractor on a monthly basis. Her advice to others was to find a chiropractor, and she knew there is probably not such a thing as a chiropractor not to love.

Mom and I had a formal reason to spend some time together – we could schedule a lunch or errands to run on the same day as the visit to the chiropractor. I took her to her appointments, and she learned to call on her chiropractor for help in between visits – even for odd little complaints.

She had times when her frail little body would make her think she had an infection. She would tell me it was kidney problems. She would describe a ‘boil in there.’ She knew we laughed at her and her description of a boil. The boil seemed to move from one area of the body to the next. The boil was part of her life for many years. She had times she insisted she needed to go to the emergency room.

I would show up when she called me about the infection and the boil. I would load her in my car. And the car drove in the direction of the chiropractor’s office. 

My mother was pretty sharp – but I imagine this intermittent pain was frightening to her. The only words she seemed to have to describe her discomfort was ‘a tightening – like there is an infection in there.’ 

She would go to her chiropractor’s appointment in pain, get adjusted, and verbally express relief as she was walking out of his office. She would be amazed every time it happened. The boil was in remission yet again.

If you search the internet for the meaning of vertebral subluxation – you will learn that the health of our nerves, ligaments, disc, and joints are affected. Oh and don’t forget our muscles weaken and our brain is kind of affected – adversely of course – when we don’t correct subluxations. So it’s just a tad on the important side to research it ourselves and then let a chiropractor develop a plan of care for us.

And if my mother was right – and the tight feeling she felt was indeed an infection – then all the more reason for a visit to the chiropractor for an adjustment. It makes sense that healing takes place when the spine is in alignment so all of the internal organs can talk to each other as they should.

I suppose my grandfather had to pay out-of-pocket for his chiropractic visits. Since Mom saved everything, quite possibly I will find the receipt from the chiropractor and will know how much Grandpa paid for those visits to Fuller and Fuller.

In a 1922 newspaper, which was apparently saved by Grandpa, I found 3 chiropractic ads. Two of the doctors were located in Bryan, Ohio – Dr. Boomershine was located on High Street and Dr. J.J. Halpin was located in the post office in Bryan. Dr. Halpin’s ad states “If you have tried every other method, try chiropractic and get well.”

Dr. Earl Frisbie was a Butler, Indiana chiropractor whose appointments were ‘at your home.’

I noticed my own adjustments are physically easier when I make it there on a monthly basis – and I even asked the chiropractor about it. My chiropractic adjustments have never been uncomfortable – but when I went ‘every-so-often’ – I could hear a lot of crunching during the adjustment. Not so now.

If you would like to study the subject, search for a ‘vertebral subluxation’ on the internet. You could choose to click onto an article, or click onto images and read the posters that are available. Sometimes images have a cut-to-the-chase explanation – and the visual description is very helpful.

The money I spend is one of the best investments I could make for myself. I pay out-of-pocket. I developed a mild sore throat a few months back, and I could feel some burning in my ears – it was pretty unpleasant. I went for an adjustment, and I felt relief from the odd little ear pain before I even made it out of the office.   

My reasoning for monthly adjustments is to be proactive with my health and wellness. I have witnessed a lot of chronic chronicness. All of us have heard people talk about their aches and pains, and we are taught to medicate those aches and pains. But our bodies will prove to us they are capable of moving from one chronicness to a new chronicness if we are not proactive. I have enough chronic stuff going on that I am recovering from – I don’t need any more new stuff.

I also know I can visit my chiropractor in between scheduled appointments if needed. I knew if I waited until I had a problem in which I wanted to see a chiropractor for – such as a sore throat with burning ears – it is much more simple to see the chiropractor who already knows me than to find a chiropractor who could fit me into his or her schedule as a new patient.

So I go for adjustments monthly – and there is this wellness kind of feeling I have after I get an adjustment. It’s as close to a visit to the beach as you can get in Ohio.

And most importantly, you may want to save a brochure or greeting card from your chiropractor – because 95 years from now, your grandchild may want to know who your chiropractor was.