It has been said that everyone has favorite words or phrases they tend to use and can be somewhat unique to their vocabulary. I love the word “cherish.” It may be my all-time favorite word.

I think it is simply a pretty word. I doubt any of us actually use it often in our everyday vocabulary, but when it is mentioned, our thoughts go in a certain direction. Thinking of something we cherish often stirs positive emotion within us.   

In recent years, I found I have a new favorite word to add to my list of favorite words, and had you told me when I was a student in school that this word would be a favorite of mine, I would not have believed it.

I find I use the word “study” all the time and seem to be fond of the word. I haven’t watched television in years because I would rather read a book or study an article.

If we want to learn something new, we can listen to and watch online speakers and teachers, who have made our topic of interest a bit easier to study and understand.

It is indeed the internet that has brought a lot of truth before us.

Information from the boldest, as well as the brightest, is now at our fingertips. After we start learning from educators we trust – we typically will find those teachers have authored books in addition to lectures they have so kindly put together for us.

If reading a book is our thing – the local library will order the books for us, or we can buy the book, read the book, lend the book, give the book away, or keep the book in our own library.

Books make great gifts for those of us who are hard to buy for. Last year I received a book authored by an eye doctor who uses natural approaches to eye care. And my vision is yet another thing that is improving – so I appreciate owning his book.

If you choose to start studying wellness – you will never be done. One thing leads to another, and we want to point others in the direction of true health.

I have been reading about natural ways to heal since 2013. Wellness is a big, big subject because it includes the ways we broke down, the ways we are going to break down, the ways to reverse the break down, and the ways to prevent break down.

Years ago I was walking in my neighborhood after dark. I saw a man walking on the sidewalk towards me. So I crossed the street to be on the other side. He crossed the street also. I wasn’t happy. I wanted to be away from him. But then I recognized him because I worked at the hospital – and I knew his situation.

When he was close enough to talk to me – he asked if I could help him. He told me he had a break down.  

This man had a speech impediment in which he pronounced his ‘R’ with a ‘W.’ So he actually told me he had a ‘bweakdown.’

I said “You mean like your nerves? You had a break down?” and he said “No ma’am. My car. My car bwoke down.”

But nurses tend to think a break down means an emotional break down. There was no car there, so how would I know he was talking about his car and not his nerves? And even though I knew him – I was scared to be alone in the dark with a guy who had a breakdown.

I told him the police station was two blocks away, and pointed in the direction of their office. He apparently walked to the police station, and I walked home.

I told my husband that this man had a breakdown and asked me for help, and my husband said “Good grief.” My uncle would have said “Good land of living.”

So I have always remembered this man had a breakdown, and I wasn’t able to help him.

We can think of funny phrases or idioms our family and friends tend to say. And we can name that little something we often hear our own self say. Mine would be “There is no way on God’s green earth…” and then I finish my sentence with something I would never allow or never do.

I will resist the temptation to share my “nevers” – but all of us know what would be on our own little list of nevers.

And our ‘nevers’ change over time. After I found the ‘natural world’ – my list of things on God’s green earth that I would never do has certainly evolved.

Now I know about many things from God’s green earth that were great gifts to us. Magnesium – what a gift put on this earth for us. Selenium – who knew? Hemp – it’s on my salads. Seeds and sprouts – yum. Vitamin C – wow.

I chuckle to myself that I have always used the phrase “God’s green earth,” and now I study the things God put on his green earth – the good and the bad.

One joke I have always remembered is the one about the scientist and God. The scientist had challenged God by telling him that he could make anything God could make. So the scientist and God were readying themselves for the contest – when God said to the scientist “Wait a minute – you get your own dirt.”  

And so it goes – all the medicines God put on this earth are un-messed-with. God’s medicines are something the cell needs and gobbles up, typically because of the body’s deficiency of that nutrient. God’s medicines have already been researched and developed. God’s medicines are proven – beyond belief.

Before I started studying wellness, I didn’t know anything about minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, and they are so basic. So fundamental. The cell requires them on a daily basis.

And within recent decades, scientists have identified the endocannabinoid system. This is yet another topic all of us must learn about. Our cells have needs.

My brother Steven’s favorite word may be the word ‘favorite.’ He overuses it. Everything is his favorite.

His favorite ice cream is twist in a dish. No cone.

His favorite friends are all of them.

He never knows what he wants for Christmas. He says he wants ‘everything.’

His favorite things to look at are babies. His favorite thing to talk about is babies. A favorite thing on his lap would be a baby.

When he is with me, he tells me I am his favorite. Too bad for the other sisters. I am his favorite sister. Pat is his favorite brother-in-law. But behind my back, he lets the others know they are his favorite.

Steven is a major league player when it comes to hugs. His friends and family receive hugs. Big hugs. The hugs might be lingering hugs that includes pats on the back. More than a few strangers have received a hug from Steven.

If you spend any time with him, it is likely you will become his favorite. And anyone who would like a picture or selfie with Steven is going to get one.

A couple of years ago, I was placing a book order and noticed a book by the title ‘Cherish’ by Gary Thomas. It is a book about cherishing your spouse. Who knew we should study how to cherish? You would think that would come naturally. I will always keep this book.  

Maybe Steven loves babies so much because it is built in to us to cherish and nurture our children, and we are to love on our children and help them grow and be healthy.

When you care about others – it is hard to hear about their breakdowns when you know there are interventions that can prevent a breakdown. That can reverse a breakdown. 

I could not help the young man whose car had broken down. But I did point him in a direction he should take. And I can help others by pointing them in the direction of studying how to achieve health. And I’m not at all frightened by it – in fact it is awfully mean of me to not point out the things on God’s green earth that I have learned about.

I recently heard someone say your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn – and I thought that was something to ponder. We already know we should hang out with positive people who speak of their good land of living.

Those who overuse the word ‘favorite’ might be people who love life. And I guess it’s good to not be a picky person except for when it comes to ice cream and how it is served.

Hanging out with people who know the value of a hug and how to capture lasting proof of their friendship in a snapshot may not be a bad idea.

Sometimes I feel my enthusiasm for studying is an undeserved privilege. I am full of gratitude for those who are truly working in gifted service as they pass along their knowledge in the healing arts. Without them, I would still be an insomniac. I would still not understand why we have break downs and how to recover from a break down.

Before I found the ‘natural world’ – I found the Bible. If I were to connect the dots, could it be that I had actually discovered His written word is on this earth to give us direction, and is a gift only He could have put on this earth for us?

A Breakdown Disclaimer: 

If you choose to point others in any kind of direction, make sure they know that no treating and no curing and no diagnosing are going on. You are simply pointing your finger. That’s it.

We are all free thinkers, and we really are not in need of a disclaimer about no giving of advice – but whatever makes them happy – here you have it.

And please be especially careful of this cherish thing – for if you were to go over the top with it – there is a possibility you could experience contentment and joy – both of which have been described as serious heart conditions.  

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