This is a recipe most of us never knew.

And we certainly didn’t know the flu is available by the case. But apparently – it is.

We have always been told we can ‘catch’ the flu and there is even a time of year everyone tends to catch the flu – and it is referred to as ‘flu season.’

Then we find out there are these people who have completed a lot of research and studied what the flu truly is – and we read what these researchers write about the flu, and we listen to what they say about the flu. We realize we don’t even know what the flu is.  

And on top of that – we discover we have not a clue how to properly manage the flu when we catch a case of it.

We have been told this ‘virus’ is ‘going around’ – and will latch on to a host – and make us ill with a disease. It goes without saying – no one wants to be a host, and we could possibly panic if we were to feel sick, for we think we may have caught the thing we didn’t want to catch.

We are told it truly is best to stay home if we think we’ve caught anything there is to catch.

There are reasons people get tested to see if they caught something. If the results come back negative – we are very relieved, and we let everyone know.

If our test comes back positive – yet we were feeling fine and dandy – we won’t be able to believe it came back positive. We will undoubtedly be shocked at the results. We could possibly even marvel at being a carrier. It could make us feel we are strong and resilient – because it seems the virus is not going to ‘get’ me – even though it is in me. But it could ‘get’ the person who stands too close to me.

So this means I am a ‘carrier’ and I should stay away from people for two weeks and accept the fact I am without any symptoms of illness and just let them call me ‘asymptomatic.’

And all through our growing up years – and even through college – we were taught about viruses and how they could be on a door handle or a remote control or flying through the air or on another’s drinking cup – so we dare not take a sip unless we already share germs anyways.

Often times, when we ‘catch’ a cold – we wonder how we caught it. Who gave it to us? Did we pick it up at the store?

Then these people come along who give us the recipe for how to brew the flu. They have known this all along – cause they are the ‘natural’ people. And we didn’t know it because we often do not believe what the ‘natural’ people say or write or teach.

So these natural people have the nerve to tell me that if I think viruses and bacteria as not-so-good little invaders that a human body has to fight off – then I believe in germ theory.

And I tell them I didn’t know that. I believe in germ theory? I really was grateful to them for pointing this out to me, but I thought it’s just a germ and what about germs do you think I don’t know about?

And they told me I’ve been brewing up my own case of flu or cold or the stomach bug every time I had it. They tell me it comes from within.

My rebuttal is I know I caught the flu, and I didn’t brew the flu. I’ve been catching stuff for years.

I have my mom’s diary from 1969, and I know my brother got sick in church on January 19. And on January 20 – I was sick with the stomach flu and my brother had to stay home also. Again on March 21 – I was sick and went to the doctor – it was just the flu – she wrote.  

And those natural people tell me it’s really hard to wrap my brain around this information, but I need to start studying and questioning and come to my own understanding.

They tell me when a few members of a family become ill with something – the family will talk about who ‘caught’ the invisible bug and who in the family didn’t ‘catch’ the invisible bug. That right there means we need to study ‘germ theory’ because not everyone in the family ‘caught’ the bug.

What they say about infections not being what we think they are is about enough to make you want to smack them. I thought I knew a lot about infections. And contagions. I was a home health nurse, and I followed my patient’s wound healing progress and their respiratory problems and their many issues. Dressing changes and wound care were a fun part of the job.

I knew how to administer IV antibiotics, and I knew how to teach the patient and family how to watch for signs and symptoms of an infection.

So I asked these natural people to please tell me how we catch the flu if we don’t actually catch the flu – and they say the body can withstand a lot – we were made that way – but the day comes when the body is toxined-out, and it needs to purge some stuff.

A good example may be the times we went on vacation – and we didn’t mean to bring a cold home with us – but we did. We tell people how great our vacation was – but we ‘came home with a cold.’

We can look back at how we spent our vacation hours – what we ate – it was probably called over-eating. There was an array of tiny desserts – and all those little tiny desserts maybe did add up to a bit of a lot.

And what we did on vacation – it was probably called having too much fun. What we drank – it could be we were reminded we do like strawberry daiquiris – or we could have a pop or a lemonade since it is free and served pool-side. 

So there are people who say the flu or cold is not caused by an invisible bug that marches in and takes up housekeeping within us – but rather, it is all the things we have allowed in that body of ours that are the true invaders. We are simply living the life we live, and we don’t know we are brewing up a case of the flu.   

We are buying our food at the place where Americans buy food – and we do not want to face the fact our food supply is chemically-laden. We are using our favorite lotions and soaps and toothpastes that are full of not-so-good chemicals that enter our bloodstream just seconds after application. The natural people tell us there are products we could be using that are friendlier and not harmful.

The natural people tell us our bodies can handle processed food for a while – then we do a purge. Our bodies take a hit in additional ways – often referred to as being in ‘dis’ ‘ease,’ as the body begins breaking down.

Our lungs inhale all kinds of chemicals – from perfumes and sprays to cleaning supplies. Think about this – we actually buy perfume and cologne. We purposefully spray it on our bodies. We and those around us inhale perfume chemicals all day long.

Anything scented could be something our cells aren’t so fond of. Got candles? Our lungs inhale quite a lot chemicals from candles. Just walking into a place where bleach and toxic cleansers have been used is where we inhale horrible-for-you stuff right into our lungs. And that detergent and fabric softener – up against our skin all day long.

The body occasionally has to use some wild ways of cleaning house – it uses sneezing and mucus and vomiting and fever and diarrhea for sure. Lack of appetite is a signal from the body to please quit eating so it can just rest. Naps and lots of sleep are important. Clean filtered water is extremely important while the body is putting itself through this clean up. 

The body is starting a natural detoxification – and it may do it seasonally if it needs to.

So here we are – thinking of living in this body of ours for the next few days while it puts itself through a good purging. We’ve been taught to swallow over-the-counter pills – and we do so in the name of regaining health, not knowing pills of any sort are going to burden the body even more. It just wants to be left alone, and we delay healing by swallowing drugs of any sort.

Heard of anyone who ‘caught’ the thing everyone has been catching lately, and they have a story about how difficult the illness was? And they developed a rash. Often times they include the details of any medication they were on while recovering – which undoubtedly worsened the symptoms and slowed the healing process. They will tell you about the rash they developed and how miserable they were.  

The natural world says the medicating of symptoms is part of the mismanagement of the flu they just brewed.

Each ‘case’ is different – and the details and comorbidities (illnesses already present in the host) need to be considered. Each ‘case’ needs to be examined and questioned and studied.

And that rash? It is a way the body is pushing toxins out. It’s a way the body purges. The skin is an escape route the body is using to push some crud out.

What goes in – must come out. And what is coming out through the rash may or may not be the drugs that were swallowed in the name of getting better. They may have consumed energy drinks in an attempt to help their recovery. They may have eaten some comfort food – which tends to be inflammatory. The skin is an exit route – so the body is acting like a bouncer – and the toxin is bounced out. Thank God our creator developed ways to keep us healthy.

Hidden in plain sight is this thing called a Black Box Warning. Medical personnel often admit they do not know what a Black Box Warning is – yet a great majority of over-the-counter pills carry that warning. An internet search will, of course, bring this information to you.

The natural people say leave the body alone and do not bring in any kind of drugs or food while the body is unloading the over-accumulated toxins.

Tap water is part of the toxins that need to be cleaned from our system – so drinking lots of clean filtered water makes sense. No tap water. No bottled water. Just good clean filtered water.

The natural people read lots of books – one of them being “What Really Makes You Ill” by Dawn Lester and David Parker. Their website is where further articles and interviews are archived.

What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong

To be released on September 29, 2020 is a book written by Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD and Sally Morell – “Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease.”

These authors can be found online by searching for their YouTube videos, websites, and Facebook walls.

So there we have it… a recipe for brewing up the flu. Now available by the case-load.

Disclaimer: The above article is simply a written collection of my thoughts – with no treating, diagnosing, advising, or curing intended.

We are all free-thinkers, and we know we are to study and research on our own. There are wellness books aplenty out there, and one researcher and author leads to another.

We will stumble upon statements that are outside of the mainstream narrative – and hopefully we feel a desire to learn and know more and see if there is any truth to information that is new to us.