Isn’t that nice of them? They came together. On a whim. And made me. And made you. Trillions of cells decided to come together to be us.

And these little guys know that their main job is simply to keep us alive.

I was one of those school children who loved phonics, spelling, and reading. Give me a spelling test with the words mitochondria and Golgi apparatus, and I would be able to spell them correctly.

That’s about how science-y my mind really was. The spelling of a science word. I could do it. So I was grateful for the instructors in my life who understood the subject and taught it to those of us who struggled with it.  

It seems to me if an adult wants to learn something new – it is always an honest desire to learn. And I decided I wanted to study the cell. I wanted to understand what this little creature was and how it operates.  

And so I learned the first person to see a cell was Mr. Robert Hooke – a scientist and glassmaker who lived in the 1600s – and he made a microscope. He called the little things he saw “animalcules” – because the cell looked and acted like an animal.

What did the animalcules do? Mr. Hooke saw them walk to food and run away from poison.

What do animalcules need? 3 things: to be fed, to detoxify, and to oxygenate. 

Think about that – the cell needs to be fed.  What does the cell need to be fed? The answer is clean water and clean nutrients.

Secondly – the cell needs to be able to detoxify. What is it detoxifying from? Nearly everything we put on us – things like shampoo, perfume, make-up, soap, and tap water – just to name a few.

And everything we use – things like cleaning products, dish soap, detergents, and hand-sanitizer.      

Everything we inhale has to be detoxified – things like air fresheners, perfume, cleaning products, and sprays.         

And everything we swallow – things like sugar, white flour, bottled oil, hormones in meat, chemicals in our food, pesticides in our food, our drinking water, and nearly all processed, bagged, and boxed food. And of course, we swallow over-the-counter and prescription medications that the animalcule runs away from.

So the cell has a lot of work to do. And it does it well until we wear it out.

Thirdly, the cell needs oxygen. An adult typically takes 12 to 20 breaths per minute. Most of us do not know we should do deep breathing exercises throughout the day. This is how it’s done: Take a huge deep breath through your nose and count to five while you are taking that huge deep breath.

Think about the oxygen going to your toes and push your stomach out while you breathe in. Now breathe out your nose one second longer than your inhalation. For example: breathe five seconds in and six seconds out, and that is what the cell needs. It needs you to breathe in oxygen.

It can be difficult to remember to take deep breaths on purpose. It’s like blinking. We put no thought into blinking. We put no thought into breathing.

But whenever we think of it – we need to do deep breathing. It lowers blood pressure as well as benefits our trillions of cells in ways too numerous for me to type and for you to read.

So if the cell doesn’t get what it needs – the body is not at ease – it is in “dis” “ease.”

The cell has its own nervous system, own digestive system, own respiratory system, own skeletal system, and own reproductive system – because after all – the cell is an animalcule.   

Just like a factory needs quality parts coming in so the end product looks right, works right, and is right – so too the body needs quality parts coming in.

If the body is lacking something or too much bad ‘stuff’ is coming in – the cell can’t keep up with all the work – breakdown happens and the body warns you with pain. It warns you with thyroid problems. It warns you with depression. It warns you with kidney stones or gall stones. It warns you with elevated blood pressure. It warns you with fibroids, and bone spurs, and gout. And blood sugar problems and cardiac issues. And restless legs. And acid reflux. It will warn you with the need for a joint replacement. It warns you with vision loss. It warns you with ringing in the ears. It warns you left and right.

And then we take those warning lights, and we drug the body so that the warning lights will go off.  We suppress the symptoms. And everybody is happy because the symptoms went away.

We feel good because we have masked the pain. But the problem is still there – we just can’t feel it. The headache is gone. The back ache is gone. We swallowed some chemicals so we would no longer feel the pain – and the liver and the kidney have some really tough work ahead to detox the chemicals we swallow.

When we take a daily dose of a prescription medication – there is an end result we hope will happen. We hope for the discomfort to go away. Or sometimes the goal is to see lab work come back WNL – within normal limits. It seems we are disregarding our little animalcules as they choke from the toxic chemicals that are coming in. And it is just a matter of time before our hundred trillion cells will no longer be able to work together.

The package insert tells us that we will get another symptom or two to deal with. We are told in writing that the stroke, heart attack, enlarged heart, cancer, death, and hundreds of possible bad outcomes are from placing chemicals in the body.

It seems nearly impossible for us to connect the dots. We don’t even know there are dots to connect.

And it sounds better if they tell us that they are just side effects rather than effects. Pharmaceutical drugs do not have side-effects; they have effects – and lots of them. If you take drugs, plan on them affecting your health in many negative and acidic ways.

Masking our symptoms with a medication would be similar to a mechanic placing a piece of black tape over the ‘check engine’ light in our car. And then we take our car back to him every 3 months, and we make sure the tape on the check engine light has remained intact. We do some tweaking at times. And the car is monitored.

Way back in the mid-1980s, I had a few thyroid issues. I held on to my problems for 27 years. I knew there was something that was breaking my body down. But I didn’t know what, and I didn’t know how to fix it. I thought the easiest and most responsible thing to do was take a pill.

I had heart palpitations for years – thus I agreed to lab work, EKGs, biopsies, and more. Much more.   

All I had to do was cough, and I could make my palpitations go away. Such an easy answer.

I thought I had a thyroid problem. I had an official diagnosis assigned to me – so I thought I had a thyroid problem. Now I know I had an underlying problem – and my little cells just couldn’t keep up with the work I was giving to them. And my thyroid choked out. All I had to do was feed my cells what God designed my cells to work on. And I needed to quit all the toxic stuff I was giving to my body.

Now I know that all disease is cell disease. All disease is because of deficiency and toxicity. We can see this as good news, because we can fix the cell.

So it seems it doesn’t matter what 14 letter diagnosis gets assigned to our 100 trillion cells. Our cells don’t care. It could be a 14 letter or 17 letter diagnosis. Or any Latin word you can come up with.

We can label our problems with an official name – but our cells simply care about what they are getting and what they are not getting. The cell wants us to be a good plant manager of the factory it is running. It wants us to bring in some good products so it can build a good body.

It doesn’t want parts with glyphosate. It wants products that are clean. The cell can’t handle chlorine, fluoride, sugar, flour, and processed food, amongst many other things.

And those who are told they have to take a pill are also told they get to take it for the rest of their life. And we believe it. And we are taught to be compliant. And we call it medication – we don’t call it drugs or chemicals. We call it our medication. 

The cells can’t handle the cleaning products, and the air freshener, and the sun tan lotion we are rubbing in and baking on when we are in the sun.

Our perfumes and lotions and deodorants and soaps and colognes and hand-sanitizers are not only toxing out our own cells – they are toxing out the person we walk by at the store and those who are beside us. The most polite thing to do for our own cells is switch to non-toxic everything. It is also the most polite thing to do for anyone we are around.

There really was never any way it would have occurred to us that we are making someone else’s animalcules run away from the products we applied to our own bodies. We didn’t even know what an animalcule was – let alone we were making them run. So we didn’t know we were being rude.

Prescription medications such as the birth control pills, thyroid meds, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, steroids, anti-depressants, and everything you can name – are peed out in our urine and guess what – it goes in to the public water supply. Oh joy. Unfiltered water. Bottled water. Tap water. Yum.

A simple apple can look so wholesome. But do we ask if it was picked from a tree that has been sprayed before we eat it or use it in a recipe?

Most of the fruits and vegetables are laden with pesticides. We should also learn and understand the meaning of GMO.

The cell doesn’t know much about genetics – but it knows about epigenetics.

We can be fooled. Our cells cannot.  Our cells need what they need. And the body will warn us with all kinds of ‘check engine’ lights when the cell is not getting what it needs or it is getting smothered with toxins it can no longer remove from their little environment.

I am not a biochemist. I wish I was. So I have to sit back and appreciate their work and learn from those I trust.

I then wish that everybody I know would come to know the people who know stuff. I want all my friends to know the people I know who know stuff. It’s really quite simple. There are people who know stuff – and you are welcome to know the people who I know who know stuff.

And everybody’s 100 trillion cells – can be well.

I have more than one family member who has reported to me that their chronic pain resolved after giving their cells the correct fats – and a lot of it. Imagine that. The cell membrane is made of fat – and that membrane has a fatty membrane. And it wants the omega fatty acids – the correct kind – so that it can function properly. And our cells are so deficient in these fats – that we have to swallow a lot of capsules on a daily basis in order to tank up.

I agree with the biochemists who have made what appears to be a very bold statement – that all of us can recover. That no one has to be ill with anything. And those are truly bold statements, because we as a society have been conditioned to think illness is normal. We do not know we can reverse nearly any degenerative process.

We see new large hospitals going up everywhere across the nation. And we can be so thankful for the services offered in the emergency rooms and surgical departments at times of trauma and when we have a need for a rare surgery.

But we see people choose elective surgeries because they do not know there are options for relief from pain and relief from digestive issues and relief from vision loss and relief from nearly anything that is bringing the body down.

Our little animalcules can hear us talking – and they would vote for their plant manager to be involved in a lot of study and prayer. They would ask for the implementation of sauna, nutrients, sunshine, bible reading, laughter, and hobbies rather than medicalizing the operations of the plant.  

There are many thoughts and beliefs that can keep us from getting healthy, and I have heard myself say a lot of these –  

“I inherited it”                                                                                  

“It’s genetic

“I was born that way”                                                                   

“It runs in the family”

“I was off the charts positive for this disease”                    

“He has tried everything”

“I have thyroid problems”                                                           

“My mother had this so it is hereditary”               

“I have migraines”                                                                          

“Oh my allergies”

“I need a joint replacement surgery”                                     

“It’s time for my injections”

“There’s no way I can recover my vision”                             

“It’s ADHD”

“It’s for my depression”                                                               

“Well science”

“I was in an accident”                                                                    

“You have to die from something”

“I couldn’t stand those hot flashes”                                        

“I have sleep apnea”                                     

“I can eat what I want if I just take the medication”         

“I have a past history of heart attack and stents”

“I had a surgery”                                                                             

“But polio”

“I have high blood pressure”                                                     

“It’s a very low dose. The lowest dose there is”

“My doctor won’t let me”                                                           

“It decreases his confusion”

“I have a heart condition”                                                           

“I have blood sugar problems”

“I’m a skeptic”                                                                                  

“I’m at high risk”

“I have a history of stroke”                                                         

“I almost died”

“I get everything I need in my food”                                      

“I take a daily aspirin”

“I didn’t see any difference”                                                      

“It’s easier to not take it than it is to take it”

“I’m not in to that natural stuff”

“There is no way I am changing my diet”             

It seems to me that we are held captive by our own understanding, our own truth, and our own choices.

If we choose to stay on an over-the-counter or prescription medication, all the more important to treat our individual cells in a polite manner. They need as much help as they can get. When we begin supplemental nutrition, a fair question may be “Will it interfere with my meds?”

The answer is nutrition always ‘wins.’ If you are on a basketball court – send in the basketball players. If you are on a baseball diamond – send in the baseball players. 

Nutrition actually makes everything work better – including meds. That is often why – when we get healthy – the doctor is able, and actually needs to, wean us from our meds.

But we need to make the playing field safe for all the players. And we need to provide all that the team needs. Missing a key nutrient is like missing a key player in a baseball game. We all know the game can go on for a while without a third baseman. But the time will come in the game when we will find out how important the third baseman is – because we lose. He is needed to do his part in the game. And he is not there.

A complete nutrition program will always win – because the cell was designed to work the way it works. If lack of nutrients make the symptoms appear – then it does seem logical that replacing nutrients will make the symptoms disappear. But it takes a determined and smart coach to make this happen.  

Does it take money to recover? Yes. But our money will be taken from us quicker if we don’t invest in our health.

Does it take time to recover?  Yes. Beyond belief – yes! It takes years for the body to break down, but we can feel better rather quickly once we make some changes. And then it can take years to fully recover. It takes study. It takes determination to heal.

You will find yourself in the health food store spending money and time. You will find yourself reading articles and books. You will eventually learn what monthly chiropractic visits can do for the body and what vertebral subluxation means.

You will know about interventions you would like to add and changes you want to make.

You will learn that intermittent fasting can be really easy – a 12 hour fast from 8pm to 8am can be stretched into a 16 hour fast by holding off with more food intake until the noon hour. Our cells appreciate the resting period.

Many people say they will start only one thing – so they will know if it works. There is logic to that. But some things work in synergy. For example – the B vitamins work together. They run in packs – like wolves. They need each other. So the test we make to see if something works – may not give us an accurate answer. So start slowly if you need to and continue with study and determination.

The B vitamins work with the help of minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins. We can look up the meaning of co-factor and co-enzyme to begin studying this.

I did not know the word ‘essential’ in the world of nutrition – meant just that – essential. There are some nutrients that are essential for the cell to operate correctly. The body can’t make these nutrients, and the essential nutrients must be taken in through our food or through supplementation – they are ‘essential’ for the cell to operate.

You can find yourself over-whelmed with the new information you have discovered and equally over-whelmed with the changes you want to make. Those who live in the same household with you may not be on board. And if that is the case – we simply make the changes we can make.

It seems there are several subjects that are simply taboo. They quickly spark strong opinions and strong emotions. Thus they are the elephants in the living room. These topics have caused arguments between parents and have actually caused families to separate. A few of those topics are vaccines, brain death, organ donation, and circumcision. It seems that there is one popular opinion on these subjects, and those with a differing opinion are quickly told they are wrong.  

How are we to seek health for the next generation when we are not allowed to discuss the subject?

I remember where I was when I saw on the news that President Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986.

I truly remember not knowing what to think. Was it good? Was it bad? Now I know. I never imagined the vaccine schedule would inflate from 24 injections by age six in 1983 to 72 for today’s babies. 

The vaccine ingredient deck should be read, truly understood, and acknowledged by the patient, the parents, and the health care professionals who are recommending or giving the injections.

And I think the ingredient deck should be read out loud for all in the room to hear before the needle is inserted and before the plunger pushes the ‘stuff’ into the body. That would truly be informed consent.

Most of us think we know the history of polio – there would be no reason to think that we do not know the truth about polio. Many of us have taken care of someone who had polio, or we know someone who had polio. Polio has caused a tremendous amount of suffering that we may have personally witnessed.

So it is with shock when we open books in which the author offers information other than the conventional wisdom regarding polio. Regarding the flu shot. Regarding the MMR, tetanus, and the entire schedule.

And it is also with shock when we read how polio should be treated – and just how many decades this information has been at our fingertips.

Dr. Thomas Levy, who is an M.D. cardiologist as well as J.D. attorney, has written books and offered lectures on this subject. The lectures are available free on YouTube. And his books are very affordable.

After we have truly studied – and I mean studied – we should make a decision regarding vaccines.  And when we get done studying – we study some more. And we never stop studying. There are reputable Facebook sites and websites from which we can study. I just used the word ‘study’ six times in this paragraph. Oops – seven times.

Some of my favorite books were written by Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Saul, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. Sam Berne, Raymond Francis M.S., Orthomolecular News, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Suzanne Humphrey and more. You could say that the books in my library are also books in my friends’ library – I loan my books out to whoever would like to read them.

I believe that when we are on the road to health – we know it. And when our health is declining – we know it. When someone asks me to define health – I say that a healthy person can look at a set of questions and answer them in a positive way.

As we are becoming healthy, we can say that we do not suffer with aches or pains – including occasional headaches. We can say we sleep well; we do not crave food when we are not hungry; our vision starts to improve; there are no gut or digestive issues; there is no ringing in the ears; there are no medications coming in; we are no longer gaining weight; our endurance and energy is good; and our mental and spiritual health is in check – for the most part.  

I recently received a hand-made greeting card that will be placed in my gratitude journal. In the card – my friend, Cindy, penned the following words from an unknown author:

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Whatever God teaches you is so you might teach others.

Whatever God gives you is so you might give to others.

Whatever God does for you is so you might learn to do that for others.

The bible says there is a time for everything – and it was certainly time for me to start on my search for health – way back in 2013. Those of us who have hit some mile-markers in good health find that we want to share with others. 

I am so thankful for those who love to teach and are talented enough to share what they know in the most simplistic of ways.

There have been a few times in my life that someone has said to me that I need to ‘make it work’ – and I must admit I remember telling myself to ‘make it work’ on my quest toward health. I remember standing in my kitchen with those thoughts. I was going to succeed – because I had to.

I knew the information that these ‘naturopathic’ scientists, and pharmacists, and PhDs, and MDs were teaching was correct – I just needed to study. I needed time to accept what I was hearing from them.

And I have overcome long-standing insomnia; I actually sleep now. My vision improves every time I see my eye doctor, and I have a copy of my medical records that show my progression. I no longer wear contacts. And I have a rather long list of things I no longer suffer from.

God put the ‘natural world’ here for us to live in – and it’s certainly a great place to be.

Even those of us with a history of trauma, a history of emergency or elective surgeries, a history of long-term pharmaceutical use, or those who are dealing with an on-going degenerative disease – can fix the cell. In fact, those factors make fixing the cell even more important.

My mother was 87 years old when she became strong enough to safely wean herself from six pharmaceutical medications. The key words in that last sentence are ‘became strong’ and ‘safely.’

Becoming strong is a study. My mother was not lifting weights or exercising to become strong. There are things God put on this earth that keep us healthy and make us strong. He starts right out of the gate in Genesis and lets us know He supplies all we need.

The medical personnel who we hired to put us on the medication can be hired to wean us from the medication after we become strong. Pharmacists are also helpful with information regarding how this is done. Every drug can be studied online. Deprescribing is something that can now be read about and can be studied.

My mother lived to the age of 92 – and she bragged about how good she felt during her last five years of life. When you are 92 years old – bragging is a great thing – especially when it is about how good you feel. She and her family were amazed as she recounted 12 physical complaints that one by one left her body when she decided to get healthy.    

Those who think they fall into the category of irreversible “dis” “ease” may find that they do not have to suffer any longer – there may just be some science that has not yet been implemented by the plant manager of the body. And this should be seen as very good news.

It’s probably safe to say that your 100 trillion cells who are just here on a whim – being you for a while – would like to be introduced to the people who know stuff.   

Disclaimer:  All of us are free thinkers, and we already know that the words on these pages are for educational purposes only and not meant to be taken as advice.

There are no references – this information is a compilation of things I think I learned. It’s just enough information to make someone go look it up and see if it is true. It could be inaccurate or incomplete information. 

This information is not meant to treat, prevent, diagnose, or cure any disease or illness. And everyone knows that changes in a health care regimen should be made under the direction and advice of their chosen health care provider.

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